Avid Pro CNC 4896 Mint condition 1 hour use

I am selling a 4x8 Avid Pro CNC.
The location is West Michigan.
It was purchased and assembled in 2022 and is in mint condition. It only has around one hour of use. I got it dialed in and made a couple small signs with it.
Here is a chance to skip the long wait to get a kit, and to skip all the assembly time.

Retail from Avid comparably is around
Selling it for.

Also selling Vectric software seperately. (I will pay the $50 tranfer fee and help as needed to get it transfered.)

-Vcarve pro $550. Purchased late 2022.
-Cut 3d $200
-Mach 4. From what I see is non transferable.

Here is what is included:

-Installed and surfaced spoilboard.
-All the supplies needed to make the Avid DIY dust boot.
-Replaced power cords with longer ones.

  • Nema 34 plug and play electronics.
    -4 HP plug and play spindle/ vfd.
    -Pepperel + Fuchs proximity kit.
    -4 hp spindle tramming mount.
    -ER 20 collet and nut set.
    -Auto Z corner finder touch plate.
    -Whiteside CNC spoilboard cutter 2".
    -Pro 4896 4x8 CNC router kit.
    (Nema 34. 8" gantry travel.)
    -Dust cover kit.
    -Mini grease gun kit.
    -Heavy duty 1/4" thick leg/ base assembly with adjustable feet.

Still for sale? I live in Midland, MI
Possibility to see the set-up
Thanks for your time
Larry Wright

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Yes available, just listed a few hours ago. You are the first one to message. Send me a private message and we can discuss further. Thanks!

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Sorry Josiah had trouble logging into Avid site.

Wondering if single phase or three phase?
What is your location…and maybe possibility of seeing the machine?
Why giving up? Seems like you’ve got a lot of sunk time and effort in delivery and setup…

Thanks for your time…

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Private message sent.
Its is single phase. Yes I am taking a loss but I have other things on my mind that I want to do right now. May return to CNC in the future. I do like it. Avid support has been amazing!

What’s your proximity to Midland? I have business that I can schedule in Western Michigan (St Joe up to Leelanau) so a trip over is no big deal.

About 2 hr from Midland.

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Machine still available.

Is this still available?

Yes its still available.

We’re starting up a small shared wood shop and school. This would be a good size for us. We are in Madison Wi, so not too far to pick up. My business partner and I will talk later today and let you know. I assume it could be put in a 5’ X 12’ trailer fully assembled?

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Sounds great! The machine overall dimensions are 67"x115". 76" tall to top of echain or unscrew echain and 67".

Let me know. You can PM me also. Thanks.

This machine has sold.

Is this still available?

Right above your question it says that it is sold.

His post got caught in post purgatory that’s why it appeared out of order.