For Sale: Avid Pro 4848 with ATC & Vacuum Table, Rochester NY

Hello Everyone,

It is unfortunately time to sell my 4848 pro machine that i spent so much time, love, and labor to put together, nothing wrong with the machine, just moving on to other ventures, it was purchased September 2022 and assembled / finished in April of 2023.

The machine is barely used, has maybe 50 hours into it. It’s just been sitting in my shop for the past 6 months doing absolutely nothing.

It is a 4848 Pro with a Storm vacuum system, JGL 80 24 ATC Spindle, Masso controller, comes with everything, including tooling, 20 or so tool holders, various bits etc, tool setter, wireless 3 axis sensor probe, it’s currently setup with 8 tool holders but with the new boot i installed it could handle up to 10. All in all I have over 20k in it.

Price is $13,500 firm and located in Rochester, NY.

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I’m not in the market, but that sure is some pretty wiring work. :grinning:

Agreed, what a beautiful build

Thanks, it was a labor of love lol Spent about 2 months working on the electronics, including custom pcb’s to connect the avid sensors to the masso controller, along with the touch probes etc

Motivated to Sell to make room for new equipment, Dropped the price $1000, Now at $12,500

Nice machine!! What are you getting!! :grin:

More lasers :slight_smile: Tried to expand the cnc side of the business but the laser side of the business needs more machine

Is this still available?

It is still available!

Could you drop me a mail

How do you feel about shipping to southern California?