Lets try this again

Yesterday I put added a normally closed tool setter to my cnc and had it working, so I thought. The first couple touch offs went as it should with zero issues but then when performing another touch off from the same routine It tried to drive the cutter directly through the setter and into the table. The diagnostic screens show it triggering as it should but mach 3 ignores it and continues down when setting tool height. Anyone have any ideas? Im running mach 3 with a screen set by cnc4rx7. I used the same exact routines with the tool touch off plate and the atc with zero issues working, but the accuracy wasnt as consistent as I would like some times.

Correct, as discussed in many places, the AvidCNC scripts assume you are NOT using an ATC or offsets in the tool table; Search results for 'G43 H1' - Avid CNC Community

The reason is because AvidCNC’s script does a `G43 H1’ and does the touch-off and then restores the current tool and offset before doing a rapid to 25mm or 1 inch above the touch-off 0 point.

Problem with that is if your current tool is longer than the master tool that rapid is in the negative and not positive Z.

If you have an ATC and use offsets defined in the tool table, remove all of the AvidCNC probing functions from your screen set.

Or, replace them with your own.