Mach4 macros stopped working

I have a 6060 Pro with ATC. The control is a laptop, windows 10, mach4, and the Avid control package with ESS. The machine has not been used in many months, but when I started it up today I was unable to get any of the macros to operate. When the machine was last used everything worked normally. Now…
MDI input any macro, message shows ‘MDI cycle start’ but nothing ever happens. I even put messages into the macros, at the start of the macros, but the message never shows up in history.
In gCode, it runs til it gets to a macro, then just stalls at that point, with the code stopped on the macro line.
The macros are in the macros folder and seem intact and uncorrupted. I am concerned that I may have done something in the screen load file that led to this, but I haven’t found any problem there yet.
I tried several profiles; all did the same thing.

All other functions, such as spindle control, inputs, outputs seem to be operating normally. If anyone has experienced any similar problems, or just has any thoughts, would love to get the input! Thanks in advance!

**Follow-up: Problem solved! The screen load script was trying to add a non-existent module. Once I commented that out the problem went away. I really don’t understand why this had caused the problem with the macros, but everything now seems normal (knock on wood).
Would still be interested if anyone else has similar experience.

When Mach4 launches it compiles all the scripts (macros, modules, screen script). Probably what happened is it couldn’t load that one module, as you pointed out, so it bugged out and didn’t get to the point where it compiles the macros, therefore they were unavailable.

Thanks for the reply, David. This helps in understanding the process a little (mach4 can be very frustrating to troubleshoot!). I was missing the clue in the history because it would only show up on a mach4 restart. I was making the mistake of clearing the history, then calling the macro. This would not generate any error messages, but on the initial start it was letting me know the module wasn’t there.