Please Help! R&P Metal Dust and Squeal

I have a 4X8 Avid CNC Pro with, at most, 30 hours of run time. I’ve noticed the gantry R&P drive squealing and getting louder. I’ve also noticed metal dust or shavings on the gantry extrusion at the front of the gear rack. I’ve added some pics showing that and a link to a video showing the noise. Can anyone here say whether the metal dust is normal, or did I mess something up? I know the noise isn’t normal, but any ideas on what is causing it, how to fix it, and how to prevent it occurring after it’s fixed? Will I make things worse by continuing to run this machine?

Video Showing Noise

This might be something that you want to get in touch with @support about

Thanks I just sent them a message!

Was there a final resolution on this ? I’ve seen ever so slight hints at the dust you are showing in your photo. Thanks.

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No, I haven’t heard anything back from support. What about that noise. Junk bearing maybe?

I have this same issue on mine. same noise and black powder by the rack. I thought it was normal but now I’m not so sure. Ill send a message to support too.

G maybe we should start greasing them babies…

I’ve been using dry teflon lube on mine. I saw it recommended in another post on here.

Hi guys,

So after reaching out to Avid support they said the black powder is normal pinion gear wear, however they recommend greasing the gear racks with either lithium grease or Teflon dry lubricant. Sounds like others here have that same thought. For that noise, they suggested verifying bolt tension. After I inspected everything I found that the noise was coming from vibration between the R&P tension post and the tension bolt or washer. After moving it just slightly most of the noise was fixed and applying a little grease around the washer fixed it entirely. I’m curious JeffZitur if that is where your noise is coming from as well? Thanks for the help!

I’ll give it a try and report back. thank you