PRO4848 For Sale, S. King County, WA

Price: $8,000


  • Pro4848 w/Leg Kit
  • 2.2kW Spindle w/ VFD System
  • Tramming GMT Spindle Mount
  • Spindle Dust Boot
  • NEMA 34 CNC Control System
  • Pepperl + Fuchs Proximity Sensor Kit
  • Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate
  • Assorted ER20 Collets and Bits`

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Hello! My name is Ryan. I am just curious if this machine is still available for sale? Please feel free to call or text me. Thank you!

(Arizona number but I am from Washington state)

Hello, is this still available?
My email is if it’s still available and for sale.

Yes it is.

Email sent.

This is still available.

If you’re interested, please respond in this thread or email me directly at