S30 spindle Speed not Correct?

What are your ESS settings for it?

Search this page for PWM to see how it works.

Sounds like it just outputs 0 to 10 v on PWM based on the min/max RPM you set for it in the ESS config. What’s that page say for you?

Yeah, I’ve been over that Warp9 page and it’s included links so many times today my eyes started bleeding. PWM setup with 0-18000 & 1000-18000 RPM ranges is what gave the above data sets. I even dabbled with the other spindle control types to cover everything I could.
Waiting to hear back from the spindle folks.

The Eagle has landed.

Avid confirmed that the VFD parameters were still set to their stock spindle configuration.
01-08 = 25.0
04-12 = 25.0
These are for the baseline spindle speed and call for 25% of the max range… which is 25% of 24,000… so 6,000 rpm.
For the S30 spindle both those parameters should be set to 0.0.
And via the Avid CNC Mach4 Configuration screen you’ll need to set a custom minimum spindle speed in the Advanced Settings tab shown HERE.
Thank you all for your efforts.

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