Self-Driving for CNC? Here's my Paper Tools 1.2 update

In my last post, I mentioned the Paper Tools software I’m working on, which uses a video camera, connects to Mach 4 and sees your marks and measurements to control your CNC

Now here’s a video showing a new user interface, and step-by-step guide to getting started. I’ve been asked about how to install, how to mount a camera, and what kinds of everyday operations you can do like drills, holes, slots, pockets and patterns. These are useful when working with real-world materials that aren’t easy to model in CAD.

I would really love to help anyone who’s interested in using this software to get up and running, so feel free to download Paper Tools from:




I love the ideas and the concept.
Does this work in the metric system, like i mm ?

Hi, yes of course I support metric. It’s my preference! Sorry for being too US-centric and demoing in imperial units. Since Avid is an American company I (perhaps wrongly) assumed most people in this audience would prefer inches to mm.

To use mm, set metric as your units preference or write/type for example 50mm on your paper tool.

Hi Brett:

I have in the past tried a USB camera concept in my workflows but on a much more rudimentary level. I am excited to try out your system.


I would have loved the option to print up some labels with the “keyhole (t-slot)” design built in. Place the label where you want the Keyhole and voilà.
The same applies to signatures or company logos…

Sent you an invite via email. Anyone else who’s looking for the download please visit or just write to me a and I’ll get right back to you. I’m particularly interested in people who have: plasma, rotary, laser, other accessories.

Could you describe or send a pic of the t-slot you want to make? If you mean to use a router bit such as these, you can already do that just by using the “Slot Paper Tool”. You can pattern out the slots across your work surface, say every 10cm or so…

For the signature, would you be able to create an SVG? What if you could import that, select a v-bit and carve it at a depth you pick? I’m pretty close to having that ready for release. It’ll be available within the next 2 weeks and I’ll make a video demo showing how you use it.

Yes, I thought of making the Keyholes with a T-slot bit.
Svg and V-bit, that’s exactly what i was thinking.

I’m building my new AVID CNC 5x5 these days and will also fit a Rotary axis.
I can be a “guinea pig” for you and Paper tools… :slight_smile:

I also have a Razer Kiyo Pro on order…
(Soon ready for Paper tools.)

PS.I can’t find an invite in my email.