Setting the laser offset using the default Router touch plate

I have fixed my router to the right and behind the the default position of the router bid. The idea now is when doing a hybrid cut (router & laser project). i have to make sure the starting point for the route and laser must meet exactly up. This will be prevent any miss alignment of the laser with the geometric cuts of the router, eg, demographics cut of a city with hills and valleys, laser does streets and roads and buildings.
Question: How would you setup the offset between the zero point of the touch plate using the router bit, with the real position of the laser?

Oops , i forgot, starting point is bottom left.

I’m not totally following what you’re asking here… Let me ask a couple of questions:

Are you using our laser system or one from a 3rd party?

And for your setup do you have a spindle mounted normally, and an additional laser, or do you have two router heads AND a laser?

Single spindle and then a bolt on adapter for the laser, to the right and behind the spindle. I want to use only the touch plate to get the zero point for the spindle, then if I use the laser, the offset for the laser, so that the laser starts from the same zero point as the spindle. I can delete the offset from the post, processor, if I want to use another starting point.
Think of a hybrid project which both use the spindle and the laser to complete one project. They need to sync up to the same point of origin.

Laser system is an optlaser 15W with a home cut adapter.

Ok, there are a few things you can do:

You can use something called a “head shift”

You can look for that term in this document:

Essentially what it does is let you zero with one tool (like the spindle) but then “shift” that zero from the spindle to offset for a secondary tool like a laser or a drill. This is the method that we use for our laser offsets in our laser software.

I’d recommend this approach since you have a custom solution you’ve made.

The other thing you could do is use our new Mach update when we release it publicly. It has support for laser XY offsets, however I don’t think for you this will be a magic bullet solution. Our software is setup and tuned for our laser system. I think you would spend a fair bit of time tweaking it to your liking.

If everything else works fine on your current laser system but all you’re trying to solve for is the head shift I think learning this G Code would make the most sense for you.

Thanks I have no problem with the tweeking or coding part. Just let me know when and where I can download the code.
I am currently using the offset in the material setup window.