Spoil Board Designs for 5x10

What is the average spacing between T-tracks on a spoil-board? The electrical is fixed at my house that started in January so I want to move forward in finishing the squaring, tramming and spoil-board.
Rockler has started their sales so I wanted to take advantage of that before they run out. Looking at most of the tables I guess there’s no need for the intersection (+) track? Has anyone used it or is there a need?

mine is 8’’ spacing center to center

Figure out what is most useful for your needs and requirements. IIRC my spacing is roughly 7 1/2" C-C, with the track running parallel to the Y axis.

I used a 96mm grid pattern of 20mm holes to follow the Festool MFT Top so I could use the same dogs and accessories as the MFT. My T-Track is centered between the 96mm patterns and have two columns of holes, so it is C-C 48mm, dog hole- 96mm -dog hole, 48mm for 192 mm C-C.

Check out Orange Aluminum, they have T-Track much more affordable than other retailers and available in longer lengths. It also uses 1/4" hex hardware vs. the 5/16" T-Bolt which offers more options for clamping.

Mine is at 7 with running Y axis only but, all this really depends on your needs. Such as what are you using for clamps or work hold downs, camlocks? clamps with threaded rod? Needs will change as you move forward and take it from me can’t think of everything. lol, good luck! I am sure what you decide you later will second guess but good news it’s all good as long as you have fun doing it.

I appreciate all of the answers, but since I’m just now getting back into woodworking and going from everything by hand to using a CNC I don’t know what I’ll be doing.
My thoughts were to see what everyone else is using and maybe I should have said “Why that Spacing”? I’ve seen the average of 7-10 inches.
I guess once I finish squaring and tramming the table I’ll select something and modify next time.

Thank you

This type of thing is difficult to get ‘right’ the first time. Some people have a preferred system of widgets and gadgets, some people are happy to just use screws, others are bolting stock right to crossmembers without a spoilboard. Assume whatever you choose will change with more time at the machine. In my opinion, if you don’t have personal preference, start simple and add features rather than throwing the kitchen sink at it only to find out you don’t use 75% of the features. The spoilboard is sacrificial and so you’ll have other opportunities down the road to plan out your favorite features and include them.

As someone who has overthought different spoilboard configurations before, this has been my go to for years now:


I do so many oddball things that now I use that to make temporary jigs and fixtures all the time, and then I just scrap them when the job is over.

I cut these WoodAnchor slots on 8" centers in 1" super refined MDF. Much more economical than T-tracks and easier to install.

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Now to get back into this. Ive been done due to dirty house power and will takle this again after i finish with my wife’s chicken :chicken: coop… lol