Standard 48x96 CNCRouterParts FS: New Jersey

I have one of the first 4x8 CNC Router Parts Routers. I’m looking to sell as I don’t use it anymore.

Comes with a 49x97 cutting bed. Porter Cable 3.25HP router. A bunch of bits. Precision collet. DIY Vacuum table. NEMA34 Stepper Motors. Modified Table for extra rigidity.

Important Notes:

  1. I’m selling the machine as non-running. I haven’t used it in a few years. I’m not interested in getting it back up and running at this time. If I don’t get interest, I’ll get it up and running but the price will go up $1000 as a result. The price for a brand new machine WITHOUT any electronics, table legs, vac table, router, bits, collets, etc is almost $5500. So the price I’m offering is more than justifiable. CRP4896 4' x 8' CNC Router Kit | Avid CNC

  2. I found the machine became unreliable a few years back and haven’t used it since. The pinion gear liked to jump off the rack when cutting. I’m 95% sure its mechanical. Very likely the gantry was slightly out of square or the pinion gear needs to be replaced. A new pinion gear is very inexpensive. To be honest, I needed a machine to power up and work every time, even if not used for a month or two, and I didn’t find this machine to be that.

  3. The machine must be partially disassembled to be removed from the space. The door is a 35" wide with no garage door. I would recommend taking it apart in 3 sets. Gantry, Table top assembly, and then the table legs. The legs will likely need to be disassembled further to make moving it easier, but that’s your call.

  4. I will help you get the machine out the door, but you must be prepared to move this machine. I’d recommend a box truck. Also you need a group of people capable of doing the moving and disassembly. It’s no less than a 2 person job. I’d recommend bringing 3 people.

was there a price mentioned?

Yep, maintenance problem. You were suppose to replace the pinion gear them every 6 to 12 months.

Hope the machine finds a new home!

Im interested if theres a way to verify the electronics work.