14 gauge fine cut cut quality tips?

Im looking for some tips /setup suggestions on getting better quality cuts. im using a hypertherm powermax 45xp , 14 gauge p&o with fine cut consumables. i know cut height has a bit to do with it but i dont know where to start other than changing it in small increments but how small? any good startoff points for speed and cut height other than book specs? also looking to get smaller pierece points . any help would be great.

Google “Jim Colt.” He was the Hypertherm Evangelist for many years. He has tons of postings and YouTube content.

All you will get here is a few tips and tricks but you will find a wealth of info and facts in his postings.

He is actually still kicking around. I have seen him recently down here in Atlanta at FabCon. I think it was just before COVID but I could be wrong. When you get old everything turns into “yesterday.” :rofl:

But, the quick question is start with the basic tool import from AvidCNC into Sh**tCam. Then use the numbers in the manual for your 45xp for the correct consumables.

Plasma cutting without gas and current support is a very limited process.

You can add ModBus to the 45xp and script the missing components and then you can Google “Jim Colt True Hole.”