4hp Spindle questions / GWizard

I was hoping you could help with some information on the 4 HP Plug and Play Spindle

I was adding my spindle to the GWizard software. In that software’s setup it asks (among other things)

1 What is the “Spindle Type” -the options are BT CAT DIN HSK MT NMTB and R8
Does anyone know?

2 If you select any option (except R8 or MT) of those it asks for a “Size” - the options are 25 30 32 35 40 45 50 60 63 80100 125 and 160
Any ideas?

3 What is the “Spindle Adjustment” (as a %)
Probably more of a GWizard question - but anyone?

4 Lastly Gwizard offers a check box for “Safe Mode” should I select this?
Even if you don’t want to advise me on that choice could you tell me what it might mean?

Thanks All

#1 This is just a collet holder, not a ATC tool holder. Use BT and that should be fine.

#2 Isn’t it a ER20 collet?

Not sure on the rest. When in doubt, don’t use the feature or leave it blank / zero’d.

Thanks much appreciated !