Auto tool changer help please

Hey guys called to support, and they were not able to help me, so they suggested I post on here-

Have an ATC Spindle I bought as our machine went down, and in a hurry bought one that somehow doesn’t have a manufacturing instruction booklet.

I have two sets of three wire coming out of the spindle that say:

I’m not sure if i would hook this up into the 14 pin connector or if I would land this in the control panel in a different spot.

I have the new NEMA 34 Plug and play system- can anyone help me on where to land these on the board for the auto tool changer function? Also, what ports and pins would need to be used to enable it?

unfortunately, this spindle does not have a manual release so I cannot operate until those functions are working.

I currently operate Mach 3 for my cabinet shop- but am getting a post created for Mach 4.

Thanks for your help!!!

I don’t have any suggestions, but some pictures of the spindle might be helpful. Maybe someone on here recognizes it.

Please post a picture of your spindle as @Eric said. It will help everyone help you. Also post a link to where you bought the spindle.

As for enabling ATC, it is not something you just turn on. Generally you need to build your own tool change routine and tool rack. There may be community screen sets that do a lot of the work for you. I haven’t used Mach 4 for over a year now so I am not super familiar with any options.

It is likely that we can help you get up and running with a manual tool change button. You could implement true ATC later.

The wires appear to be proximity sensors that verify the drawbar position as either in the load position or the run position. Wire the proxs to the input terminal using the same color scheme as the avid proxs, and configure mach. You can then monitor the inputs through mach. You would need to manually apply/release air pressure and read the proxs to be certain which is which.

Thank you! Do you know where I would be able to find those wiring diagrams your talking about?

You should find what you need in the links on this page.

Is there a solenoid in the ATC spindle itself, to trigger the air on/off? Or, do you have one separate?

Have you seen my ATC videos?


You can simply add button that invokes your solenoid to activate the drawbar air pressure (ie; it activates the relay by powering the relay when you close the circuit with whatever voltage your relay requires). Put it on your spindle side.