A 3x3 Fixture to learn with

Now that my machine is basically working, I’m familiarizing myself with the capabilities and limits of it, as well as learning more about FreeCAD et al. I wanted some way to quickly cad up a test and run it. This is what I ended up with:

(Imagine it with the four screws installed, this was a quick pic, but it has two alignment pins to keep it square :wink:

I milled a 3" hole in my spoilboard to access the bottom, for a vacuum system I already had. The cutout is exactly 3in by 3in. So now I can cut up a bunch of 3x3 squares of various woods, and copy a starting project in cad with a 3x3 stock and all my tools pre-configured. The blanks are big enough to use the Avid touch plate, or I can run a gcode script to re-configure the cnc for that origin.

By combining the vacuum and the 0.1" recess, the blanks should stay in place even with minimal vacuum - at most, with an area that small, vacuum can provide 80 lbs of down force; and yet the cnc has access to most of the blank without clamps or screws getting in the way.


Looks like a good solution if you need lots of those blanks. What will you make with all those blanks?

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Memories :slight_smile:

It’s not about needing the blanks. It’s about having a way to quickly test new ideas, tools, gcodes, and setups.