Vertical Work Table / Spoilboard

Hi all! I finished a vertical work table for my Avid CNC. Here’s a video on the build process, along with some design decisions:

I shared the CAD File (fusion 360) as a free download:

A couple of pictures:



Your videos are always appreciated. I’d like some capacity to true the surface in the mounted position- maybe shims between the VWT and the table frame?

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Yeah, that is a good point – I didn’t mention it in the video, but I did use the CNC to flush trim the end of the main horizontal spoilboard; I then used that as my top guide to ensure everything was parallel and perpendicular.

I still did have to tram it in in two other planes, but it made it a lot easier and faster.

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Thanks for the cool video Corbin, I always enjoy them and learn something! It’s a lot of work you’re doing for the community; GOOD on you as they say down under.

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Great video. I made one similar except I used 1/4" brass dowels instead of dogs. They do the job with a much lower profile and lower cost.

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Brass dowels are a good idea! I’ll try to mention that as a good inexpensive option. I’ve used steel ones for alignment…but brass is a little “safer”.

@gordo - Thanks!

I 3D printed some of your hold downs and they are incredibly strong for the size # not sponsored :wink:


What material did you opt for?

Thanks Jeff! Yeah, the trick of printing them on the side produces a real strong result.

@Christopher I’ve been printing them out of plain cheap PLA, PLA+ and 3D Fuel “Pro” PLA+. All materials seem to work fine…I haven’t managed to break any of them.

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