CNC Spoilboard - Video, Photo, and CAD File

Hi all!

Here’s my CNC spoilboard design; download the Fusion 360 CAD file:

And a video describing all my thoughts about why I built it the way I did, and how I made it. I was heavily inspired by Jay Bates, who did an excellent design, albeit expensive. I figured out how to make something that works quite well for almost 1/3 the cost. Ultimately, it is just the basic Avid CNC spoilboard layout on the first sheet, and then slats covering t-tracks on the top. The slats add a lot of downforce, and I know a lot of people are not even using t-tracks, and just have a t-slot in MDF.

Anyways, I hope this helps someone who is currently working on their own spoilboard design!

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Hey Corbin another great presentation! I want to specifically thank you for consistently including when something doesn’t go right, and your thoughts on how you might do it better next time. That’s really valuable content. The exploration and learning process is really important. It’s all good data for future projects!


@corbin , I’m right there with @DavidsPostProcessor , these videos, and the detailed information they contain, are an invaluable resource. Question for you: How much time goes into making a video like this one? Are you one of the lucky ones that turns on the camera and it just comes to you, or do you spend time laboriously writing out scripts, memorizing, shooting and re-shooting and editing until well after the cows have come home?

Thanks guys!

I spent way too much time! This particular video took me longer than usual. I recorded the build footage back in February. Last week, I spent a day writing a script. Another day filming me talking. Then a few days editing and doing all the finishing work. A lot of my work is part time between doing other daily things.

I definitely found that writing my thoughts down in a script really helps me clearly say what I want to say. It takes longer, but I think it makes the videos better.

Oh yeah - I also spent quite a few hours “cleaning up” my Fusion 360 file to make it easier for other people to use.

Lately I’ve been throwing together quick YouTube “Shorts” to document projects as I make them.