Corner Cabinet: CNC Fine Furniture

I’m starting to do some custom furniture with my Avid CNC, and this is my first foray into it - a Corner Cabinet, inspired by George Nakashima.

I designed it in Fusion 360 — the file is a free download on my website:

I did mortise and tenon joinery on the CNC, and cut the curves and grooves for the slats.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Here’s a few more pictures of it:


Very nice Corbin. I like the way you use the best tool for the job, not just the CNC. I noticed that you used blue tape to limit chip out on some of the CNC jointery. Did that turn out to be effective?

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Another nice piece Corbin! You do nice work. I suspect the time you spent on it will make it very expensive if you were paid properly. Maybe it’s for family and then labor is mostly free, for me anyway.

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Yes! The tape does help quite a bit, but doesn’t always eliminate all the chip out. Definitely give it a try - especially on areas that you know will chip out. I’ve got some other tool path ideas to try out to solve problems like this in the future.

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Yeah, it would be really hard to make and sell these and actually get a profit. I have about $400 to $450 worth of wood into it, and it took me about a month and a half to get it made. (I wasn’t working full time on it, and didn’t get track of all the hours.) The design took me a week or so to get to the point I liked it.

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This is the thing about CNC’s, isn’t it. They can take a long time to set up and get the cutting right, so unless you’re then going to churn out hundreds of the item, they’re not necessarily easy to make cash out of.

Fine for those of us who just like making stuff though!!

That’s for sure! My favorite thing about the CNC is that it doesn’t limit what you can design.

Although, I’ve had some ideas that need a rotary table or 5th axis…