Maloof inspired rocker in Walnut

One of three. Two for my daughters and one for my wife.
Fun to make but oh so much (and difficult) hand sanding.


That looks great, very professional looking. Did you cut the parts out on your CNC? If so, how did that go?

Yes, all parts cut by cnc. There was, of course, cleanup work required with hand tools and several jigs required for part hold downs etc. My hand stitched rasps and I became close friends. Clamping things together was a challenge on the first one. All in all I’m satisfied with the results.
The headrest was the biggest challenge due to the 6 inch height, curvature on front, back, top, and bottom and mortises in the bottom of it to hold the slats. Took me a couple of tries.

Hi Tom, this is amazing! How did you manage the joinery (esp that “Maloof joint”)?

Well I can’t take credit for designing the various files required to make it. Dr. Russell Crawford from up in Canada designed it and sold me files (
To make the joints fit right you have to have absolute precision in stock preparation or the joints will not fit together as they should.
I also made six dining room chairs of his design. I’m chaired out.


I made one of these several years ago using traditional tools and a lot of hand shaping and sanding. I have the plans to do another but unsure what CAD/CAM software to use . What did you use to make this and any other comments? Thanks

Vectric Aspire. As I said in another post I bought the files, which were in Aspire, and modified most of the files to fit my CNC….not real hard to modify them.

Wow. Was this all cut 3-axis on the bed? If so, this is the most complex 3-axis project I think I’ve seen. I’d love to see a jig example if you have one.

Did you have to do a lot of registering and part flipping? Chiseling corners square?

Yes, 3 axis machine and yes, a lot of careful registering when flipping the parts over for the second side cut. No square corners to true up with chisels that I recall. The rocker in the picture (my last of 3)was completed 3+years ago. I have since moved and built a new workshop and my jigs did not survive the move. I can always remake if I decide to make another.
I can recall the frustrations of not properly registering a part when flipping it over for the second side cut but that mostly occurred on the 1st rocker……I learned the hard way for rocker #2 and #3.