Mahogany Dining Chairs

Recently finished up a set of 4 dining chairs in mahogany. Primary shaping for the sides were done on the cnc. Matching joinery on the rails was done with a domino. Final fitting and shaping was done by hand. The sides angle in at 4 degrees and the backrest has a gentle curve that mates with the side. This was my first chair and quite a challenge.


Those are really nice! How much time do you have into them as a set? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, what was the hardest part of the project?

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Thanks! I worked on them for about 2 months in my spare time since this is just a hobby for me. The hardest part was figuring out how to machine the sides. Specifically, which features should be machined on the CNC and which should be done with traditional methods. I originally tried to figure out a way machine the seat recess but ultimately cut it after the fact with a router table. Just because I have a new CNC doesn’t mean everything should be cut on the CNC.


There are a lot of old school woodworkers that think you have to cut everything by hand (and then file and sand like crazy to make it look good).

But for me, there is nothing prettier than perfectly CNC cut parts that require little sanding.
Those look great.


Congratulations ! this look soooooo Good ! I love the design, very nice ! I would love to do something like that. For the angled sides i would do a table on the CNC with the necessary angle and fix the frame there, i remember that i did something like that for a huge MDF mold for a Carbon Fiber Frame that we built 2 years ago. Then you cut and shape everything on the same position.