Mahogany Dining Room Table

This has been developing in my mind for years. Finally cut some wood this year. Made to match my Blacker House Chairs by Stickley (Greene and Greene design). All solid Honduran Mahogany.


Awesome job!

I really like Mahogany, but its too soft (I hate dented furniture), so I started using Sapele and its much harder, but looks like striped Mahogany.

This is a truly great project! Are the sides of the legs facing us in the photo machined form a single piece , or machined in parts and joined?

The ends are each a single piece of 3" mahogany. The entire table was built from 3 huge boards.


If you had to put a number on it, what was the total machining time on that?

This project is truly stunning and elegant!! I thought my walnut dining room table and chair set was nice, but this something else. Sadly I’m not a furniture designer (I’m an EE); I need to work from plans done by others.

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