Panel Chair in ash

Here is a chair I made out of ash wood.

The legs, rails, and stretcher were cut on the rotary, including the joinery, and the six panels for the seat and back were cut on the tablesaw, etc. It’s got some mortise & tenon joints and a couple of T-bridle joints.

Thanks for looking!


That looks great, and the photography is ON POINT too.

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Nice! Impressive work. Is this your own design?

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What a gorgeous piece of work there…!

Would you be open to sharing design files either here or on direct message?

Either way – hats off to you! That is something to be proud of.



Thanks, Eric. It’s amazing what a giant piece of paper and good window light can do for furniture photos!

Thanks, Doug. Yes, this is my own design I did during a project class for a furniture design certificate.

Thanks, Ryan. I’ll give it a thought and DM you. This chair does get daily use, but I still only consider it a prototype. Still, maybe the Fusion 360 design would help someone learn or kick off another design.

If you’re interested, you can see some other photos here.

nice job ,looks really nice

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@Stephen – this is just remarkable, I’m just gawking at that chair. I really love your grain choice, bookmatching, sheesh. It’s ALMOST too nice to sit on but I think I’d get over that fast and enjoy it. Speaking of which, how is it for sitting actually? Sometimes chairs can look incredible but not feel the best, other times its great in both categories.

If it scores high in that dept too, I’d love to make these around a similarly themed kitchen table… Could also be amazing in a 2 toned, like walnut and cherry, or cherry and maple, or maybe legs maple, seat and back cherry, and a few angle supports/hightlights only in walnut for example.

Or all ash, because clearly that is a home-run!

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Thanks, John!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

It’s more comfortable than I expected. The slight “curve” of the seat and back panels worked out quite well. If there’s ever a next iteration, I might push the backrest back a little and put a bend in the back legs to bring the footprint in.

Great looking chair. Looks really strong too!

Nice piece of work Stephen!
Oh! it’s our first post here! Hello All! :grinning:

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Great project Steven!


Very nicely done. You mentioned fusion 360 and a design class. These are both areas I need improvement. What kind of class did you take?

Thanks, Matt. For Fusion 360, I took an in-person class offered by Autodesk and then learned from videos and from messing up a ton while working on this chair.

For design, I just finished a furniture design certificate program that I’ve been slowly working through over the past 5 years. It focused on “studio furniture”. The CAD/CAM was something I did on my own, the guy still working on his laptop long after everyone else started cutting.

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Thank you,
I have a feeling our paths will be much the same, formal class work or not.

That Kumiko cabinet is amazing dude! Your hand cutting skillz are fierce!!

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