End Grain Inlaid Cutting Board Build (Custom DNA Inlay!) 🧬

Hi all!
Here’s my latest project, made for my brother and sister in law (both immunologists, hence the DNA theme).

Full build video below!

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
PS: my youtube channel is BRAND new, so I’d truly appreciate your love there as well as here, thanks a ton!


Nicely done! Just subbed to your channel and eager to see where you go next.

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Thank you kind sir! :+1:

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That’s a stunning piece!! Thanks for sharing!

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Great job! Looks like we’re both making inlaid cutting boards. You have obviously watch some BROINWOOD on Youtube. He was an inspiration to me on the inlay thing.

Andy Bird has a great interview with BROINWOOD in his shop. He just bought a 2x2 Avid so will be interesting how he uses it.

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