Hexagon Salad Bowl with Epoxy

Hi all!
Here’s my latest CNC project: a deep salad bowl with epoxy on top. I had to hack off some of my spindle mount to get it to not collide with the stock. I’m still refining some of the feeds and speeds; I had a bit of chatter that I’d like to work out, probably with changing the acceleration down a bit. Check out the build video:

And some photos:

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Spectacular as always @corbin ! Are these one you are making for yourself, friends, family? Or do you sell these? DM me if you’d consider selling this one! This one seems to be a big step up from the previous wood/epoxy bowl on your channel with the old mill. I think it means a lot more seeing all the time and steps that went into making it.

Thanks Kenneth! I am planning on making a few for sale, and this cherry wood with epoxy one will be available. I’ll DM you about it.

I’ve also got a wood inlay design that I’m attempting…I’m not yet sure if that will work out. I’ll attach a photo of that idea based on the same overall shape. I’m currently trying to refine the inlay process, but I’ll be heading out on vacation for a week, so it’ll be on pause.

The new Avid CNC has been great! I can experiment with a lot larger projects without as much limitation as my old Tormach PCNC.

Inlay concept on three of the six sides: