American Flag/Elk End Grain Cutting Board

End Grain Inlaid with Maple canvas and Walnut, Purpleheart, Padauk. Can NOT be done without the very accurate proximity sensors that Avid sells. They’re necessary for repeated fixing and removal of projects that require multiple cuts. Not an ad, just an observance. It’s all about the G55.


Very nicely done! I’d like to make one, would you be willing to share or sell the file? I use aspire.


Very nice!! Maybe too nice to cut on? Wall hanging?

Nice design, and very good execution.

@wbegg That is beautiful! Really well done!

I’ve recently done an inlay cutting board with zero clearance between male pieces. I see you were smarter, leaving at least SOME original maple between color changes.

So, +1 on precision. I found being able to get the project in the same EXACT spot was difficult between passes/glueups, and re-referencing the steep v-bit is a chore. You seemed to solve all the challenges though with this gorgeous piece! Congrats!

Thanks Brian.

The graphics I used are not my creation, so I don’t feel right selling the file. This board is a one off and will sit in my kitchen.

no problem, feel free to look at my FB page to see some thing I have done. Brian Stanga

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Always looking good on colors until you sand and oil. Before sanding and finishing …

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Love your work, Bstanga! Very nice!