Voronoi Pattern End-Grain Cutting Board

Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. Created with V-Carve Inlay.


That’s amazing!

I’d be interested to know how you created the pattern (what CAD/CAM you did it in)

And how you did the inlay… did you use the new VCarve inlay toolpath in VCarve, or did you use another method?

I created the pattern using an add-in for Fusion 360 that generates it based on a few input parameters.

V-Carve inlay toolpaths were created using Vectric V-Carve Desktop. I have not upgraded to the latest version yet. I used an Amana 6.2 Deg tapered ball nose for the v-carve.

It takes some calibration to get the depths correct for the ball nose, as it’s not a true V-bit. The radius at the tip is only 0.5mm diameter.

is that an epoxy inlay? if so congrats on ‘no leakage’, have had problems in past with endgrain sucking colorant from epoxy and making streaks etc. I have been told that I am pouring to deep, max depth should be .1?

No Epoxy. All wood inlay.

If pouring into end grain, I would definitely seal it first with a thicker epoxy before pouring.