Voronoi texture cabinet design - and dovetail drawers

Hi all!

Here’s my recent project off the CNC: a cabinet I designed in Fusion 360, along with the voronoi texture fronts, designed in Blender. I’m also working on refining my process for dovetail drawers; I show some of the initial things I am doing in this video, but I have some ideas on how to improve the drawers in the future (mainly to be more precise, and a different glue up method).

The video description has download links for the files (all shared for free in case someone wants to build on the idea or replicate it).

A couple of photos of it in Fusion 360.

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As with so many of the other projects you share Corbin, this work is awesome.


Very cool. I also use dog holes for Al; my alignment. Try using a bigger ball nose on finish pass on big open areas with 8%. Just based on radius area touching wood get less sanding. I use 1/2 but thinking about trying 3/4 1/2 shank

Oh yeah, that is an interesting idea! A 1/4" ball nose is my usual go to bit for finishing. But this project could have easily used a bigger radius bit. I’m not sure I even have a bigger one…I might have to get one for the next project that needs one.

Thanks Kenneth! I’m hoping to start to make more furniture pieces. I’m currently working on a corner cabinet for my kitchen/dining room.