Inlaid End Grain Cutting Boards

I love my Benchtop Pro 2436. The accuracy is incredible. I made a few cutting boards. They measure 19x11x2". I made a few cnc machines over the years, but could never get this much precision. There is “0” reveal in the inlays. The cow board has 1 mistake. If you can pick it out, you’re better than I when I was designing it. Hint, it’s not in the machining.

Boards were designed and g-code generated with V-Carve Pro. All inlays are 1/4" (6.35mm) deep.

The cow is Walnut background, Maple outline, and Padauk lettering. The Pig is Maple background, Walnut outline, and Padauk lettering. I probably should have gone with a lighter wood, like cherry, for the lettering on the cow.



@wbegg wow is that clever, and gorgeous execution! Thanks for a most tasty share!