Made this bullet board or bullet schematic board

Had a friend who is an avid outdoorsman and hunter who asked me to make something to fill a spot on a shelf in his office. I had 6 bullets sitting on my desk and it gave me the idea to make this “bullet schematic board” from walnut. let me know what you think or some ideas to make it even better.

I’ll post a video and some pictures.

Here is a video link:


Looks great! Two questions: What kind of wood is that? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, did you hit the bullets with a few thin clear coat layers of lacquer to keep them bright and shiny or are they a-natural and will just age into their patina with time? That text came out looking super sharp!

The wood is Walnut. As for the bullets they were looking bad so what I did was get some sandpaper in various grits and chucked the bullets up in a drill and sanded them. Then I applied aluminum polish and let it sit for a few minutes and a microfiber cloth and polished them. I didnt think about applying lacquer, I should have done that.

Lastly I used 1 minute epoxy and put epoxy on the standoff’s then layed the bullets on top until it hardened.

The text I used a 1/32 end mill at a depth of .08" deep then poured black epoxy.

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Okay, that (epoxy) makes a lot of sense. I had thought that was lasered at first and the edge looked super sharp for that process. Nice job!

A good laser on an AVID will cut just as clear. This is Sapele, letters ~ 0.35" tall, 0.030" deep.

Nice project for a shelf decoration. I have been meaning to round up a few rounds and do something similar.

Jim: Can I ask what power level and feed for this one? Looks great.

That was my Opt XT-50 laser at 50ipm and 50% power.

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Very nice project!! I just love walnut. Lacquer on those rounds would keep them shiny for years. I did a project recently using fired rifle brass to make a pencil holder; will post it later.