CNC PC stand - inexpensive shop furniture

This project is from October 2022 and I realized I don’t have any progress pictures. Thought I would share what I could anyway.

To summarize before getting into detail…

Things I like:

  • Hide-away keyboard tray
  • Height of top surface, keyboard tray
  • Lots of storage
  • Coming from using a laptop, on a box, on a chair - the stability!
  • ‘Ka-chunk’ sound when the PC door closes shut
  • Snag-free drawer pulls

Things I don’t like:

  • Lack of mobility
  • Bland appearance

Things I learned:

  • Drawer alignment in CAD and real life are not the same!
  • Same as above, just in case you missed it

Things I did a little different from other projects:

  • Used dowels to align panels
  • Cut a drilling jig to assist with dowel hole location on the ends of the plywood

Design parameters started by determining comfortable working heights (keyboard tray, top surface), monitor height (I was re-using a spare 24") and material selection. I knew I wanted to use a full width keyboard with the number pad and a mouse with a small format desktop PC, so those influenced the width. What I came up with was about 21"x14.5"x44.5". I used 3/4" ply for the structure, 1/2" for the drawer fronts/sides and 7/32" for the drawer bottom and back panel. Ball-bearing drawer slides, a couple hinges for the PC access door and keyboard tray, and a couple cabinet magnets to hold the hinged parts shut. Pocket screws for the structure and glue for the drawer panels. I store my workholding clamps and Omer composite nailer, among other accessories, in the drawers.

Also later added a tool tray comprised of two layers of the same 7/32" ply, one thru-cut, one acting as the bottom, with some 3/4" material under raising it up from the drawer bottom.

The lower section for the PC was designed to fit two 140mm cooling fans, but I haven’t installed the back panel to enclose it yet and it’s probably not necessary.

Preparing Manufacturing Models for CAM, predrilling for slides and dowels.

Large drawers

Small drawers


@DavidsPostProcessor , that looks great! Over here I find myself having to throw a piece of cut up worn out old beach towel over my keyboard to keep the swarf out from between the keys! You’ve got me beat hands down! Will you go back and hit the surfaces with paint/polyurethane or other coating to help keep the wood from deteriorating / staining over the years?

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Honestly - probably not. I’m not strictly a function-over-form cultist, but I do get their newsletter. I keep things pretty clean (none of that plasma nonsense!) so I don’t anticipate more than general handling discoloration, and by the time it might become unsightly I’ll probably have replaced it.

There are some nifty computer carts with various storage solutions in the medical industry I wouldn’t hate to find at a good price.

Looks like a nice setup. I made mine along similar lines for similar reasons.
I did include casters in my plan and I’m really glad I did.
Mine does not look as nice as yours pretty pine boards.
I had to settle for left-over plywood bits that don’t really go together aesthetically, but it works. :slightly_smiling_face: