Finished My First CNC Project on New Machine!

Just finished my first project on the new CNC machine. It was a great first CNC project because it was complicated enough to force me to learn VCarve, how to run and setup the machine, develop a workflow, and solve a bunch of problems through the learning process. The project took 2 weekends to cut/build not including CAD time done while I was waiting for the machine to get here. :slight_smile:

The project is a desk for the CNC controller PC. A few features and build process:

  • Almost all the pieces cut on the CNC from 18mm birch ply. Most of the features were machined in at that point with the exception of the electrical outlet box hole. (I missed that.)
  • Air filter is a re-purposed drum fan cut into the back. I removed the stand and handle, then 3D printed mounting brackets for attaching it to the back panel in a CNC groove. Then screwed the original cover on to the back to protect any random appendages.
  • Air filter pockets were cut on the CNC at full depth, then a small strip of scrap ply was screwed to the back of the opening to create a “ledge” so the filter doesnt get sucked in.
  • Drawer is lined with Kaizen foam, custom cut on the CNC as well to hold all the tools and bits needed for the CNC. The drawer is not as deep as the whole cabinet because the electrical box and wiring is in the space behind that drawer (and it would stick out past the door when folded down).
  • Front cover (door?) is VCarved as well with my logo and filled with epoxy. When it folds down, it is supported by the drawer and acts as the work surface for the keyboard and mouse.




If you did all this in the first 2 weeks, I predict you will be a true master in just a few more. Outstanding job!


Holy cow that is one amazing custom desk!
I know what some others might mean by “overkill”, but to me it’s just genius!
But that’s coming from a guy who’s motto is “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing” :rofl:
Congratulations – you have a lot of amazing ahead!


Why yes, I would like the files! Seriously great job, you need a YouTube channel.


Great job my man! Looks super clean.

Love the epoxy inlay, it really pops!


Rick, which bits are you using to cut the Kaizen? I have a few supposedly foam-specific bits lying around, but haven’t gotten around to trying them.

I did have a quick go with normal wood CNC bits a while back, but they weren’t great, and tended to snag and rip the foam


Very nicely done! That is incredible for a first project!


Very nice! One of my first furniture projects was the J Bates computer cabinet.


I used the 0.250 foam cutting bit from Bits&Bits. It did pretty good, but I needed to decrease the stepover a bit to keep it from leaving chunks. The sides came out OK, but the bottoms needed some picking. Im also not sure how long the bit should last, because the edges started getting rough toward the end of the job.

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I’m so impressed! You obviously have prior maker experience. I’m afraid this forum is convincing me I need to make space for my future 5x10 now. Now. Now. :joy:

Wow…this is outstanding! The combination of desk and dust filter…genius! I was getting ready to build a dust filter using that same drum fan.