What have YOU made this week?

I was out in the shop today cleaning up and realizing that the only thing I’ve made in the shop over the last few weeks is a mess. Given that low bar to clear, what have YOU all made that is cooler?

Post a picture of your latest project! (Messy shops also accepted!)

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Nothing in the shop this week, still working on finishing the latest rev of the bldc servo control boards…

If I get them finished and debugged this weekend the machine should be ready to make chips…

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My weeks work… 3D (or I suppose 2.5d photo reproductions…

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Those are awesome! Looks like you have a good process figured out.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the compliment. It’s an evolution. I learn a little more on each one I create. I’m going back to school starting January to get an AAS in manufacuring engineering which is basically CAD/CAM and CNC. Hopefully that will get me to a truely exceptional level.

What are these for? Are you doing some kind of controller swap?

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I made a tramming Gauge for the cnc …

I have a set of surplus motors I’m using but they didn’t come with controllers. So, for fun, I’m making my own controllers for them. This is the second major rev of the board. In theory, this board should be able to drive any bldc motor up to 160V or 15A, but testing that is a future project :wink:

I used these motors with the old board in my old cnc, but the boards eventually failed. I rebuild that cnc with steppers but that only reminded me of their negatives.

I made (making) an eight colour humming bird. I’ll post some prelim pics. Never did multi pour stuff. Looking forward to having to correct a few mistakes. Thats the fun right…… right……