Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for the invite to this forum. Im just starting my cnc journey. I’ve received the 80 20

And should have the other parts soon Yay!!


Welcome! We have a build log section and we’d love to have you post pictures of your build as you go along. It’s a fun process and there are steps along the way were you can make some choices that best suit your needs. I bet you’ll get some awesome feedback from those that have already been through this process.

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@JeffsDesign You are in for a very fun journey my friend. Welcome!

Looking forward to seeing your cnc get built . I have a pro but as of yet I’ve never built it . Maybe I’ll get tips from you , although there are online videos . I’m terrible with manuals lol

Thanks guys, I’ll take photos as i go this ought to be fun!!

It IS a lot of fun. Not sure if you played with Legos as a kid, but this is a lot like a big Technic Lego set!