Anyone in the Memphis Area?

I’m about to purchase a 4x8 Avid cnc router table but am nervous about tackling the assembly/setup on my own. Is there anyone in the Memphis area who would be interested in making some money by helping me assemble and set it up?


Casey Hill

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You won’t have any trouble, just follow the build instructions

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I felt kind of overwhelmed with all the parts!! So if you organize them an follow the instructions you should be fine. It took me 6 days to put mine together it wasn’t a race.

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When I built mine, even with friends, it took many days (I wasn’t in a rush). Take your time, pay attention to the manual, and don’t be afraid to go back and undo a step if you realize a mistake was made.

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Good to know. I’ll be happy to complete in a week! Thanks.

I’m 2 hours south of you in Greenwood Ms and assembled my pro4896 about a year ago in 3 days. Pretty straight forward. Read the instructions line by line and also get you a 3/8” battery powered right angle impact and a set of ball nose Allen wrenches that fit on the right angle impact.

You will thank me later. Spend that extra 125.00 and get those two items. If you want to talk I’ll send you my number.

I took about 5 days to build mine and it went well. Avid’s instruction book is really thorough. Also, I’d very much like to second ronnierozler2’s suggestion about the ball nose Allen wrenches for a screw gun/impact driver. Get a set (metric) along with regular metric Allen wrenches. It will save you hours assembling the base.

I agree 100% it saved me days and everything is torqued down pretty tight

Hey Cassey,

Just ran across your post and I live in the Memphis area. You likely have your machine assembled by now. Would it be possible for me to come by sometime to see the machine? I’ve been thinking about buying one but hesitate to do so without seeing one in person.