For sale 4x6 machine

Have a brand new 4x6 for sale. It’s still all in unopened boxes. Has everything you need to get started except vcarve. Has a 4hp spindle. Located in central Florida.

Hi! I am looking to buy a 4’ x 4’ cnc and came across your offer. I am located in Miami, what would be the shipping cost to 33158 zip?

Shoot me a text at (904) 415-7115

Will txt you tomorrow.
Thank for answering

Sounds good. Be available anytime.

Sorry for not contacting you today. I had a hectic day. Hopefully tomorrow I will able to do it!

Sounds good. I’ll be available when ever.

What’s the story/history on this machine? Is any warranty transferable from AVID?

I’m interested but forgive me for asking why is the 4x6 more expensive than the 4x8?

I just got a quote from Avid and it came to $14,685 with shipping and tax included for a Pro4896. Are you still asking $15k?

I’m within driving distance so you wouldn’t have to bother with shipping, etc.

We bought when we were doing a bunch of wood working and my wife showed interest in my smaller one and then that died out. That was when it was delivered and never got setup.

That has mach4 software a start bit set, vertical clamp, spare part kit, zero touch plate, collet set, and have system with the 5th axis which is extra. That is why it probably more. What price are you thinking

What are you asking for it?

I’ll take $14,500 for it.