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I’m not at the point of selling yet, but have an opportunity that may put me in a position where I wouldn’t be able to have space for a shop or CNC. I am running what I need think is the most current version of the machine and wanted to get some suggestions on if I end up needing to sell, what would be a reasonable amount to ask. Maybe this should have gone in the buy sell topic but I am not selling at this point, but if it needs to be moved I understand.
Machine is a Pro6060 with 8/12 Z and leg kit, running NEMA 34 plug and play and Hitco 4hp plug and play spindle Has the avid tramming plate, touch plate and prox sensors. Also have the vertical work hold parts ready to install. The machine has only been used for hobby use and has exceptionally low hours. I also have installed an OptLaset 6w XF+. Any suggestions on what would be a fair asking if it comes to it?

Based on my experience buying a used 4x4, I would say 10-12.5 where the variable is the condition (according to the buyer) and how badly you want it to move. Cost to replicate is looking like ~15. It’s tough to say, and could also vary with your location. Some people are more realistic about the resale value and some people try to recoup their original shipping costs from years ago and the gas it took to drive to the hardware store for MDF. Even posting a range like I did may disappoint a buyer or a seller - everybody wants a big score!

Thanks for the reply I was kind of thinking 12k ish. I did consider the shipping into that. Basically my total cost delivered. But I realize it is a used tool no matter how little it has been used. I would rather it be a fair deal to someone that will enjoy it than try and hit a home run. I’ll be sad to see her go if it comes to it, but it is looking that way.

Whether it’s in or out of warranty always makes a big difference to me. If things are out of warranty, then I’d seldom consider anything more than 2/3rds the new price for something in excellent condition.

I can see that, I don’t think there is a stated warranty with AVID that I know of, I think mostly everything they do would be considered “good will”.

1 year warranty IIRC.

Found it

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Since you are asking for feedback, I follow the 2/3rds rule as well. Warranty or not you are often on your own when you buy something used. It’s a hassle getting a vendor to support you when it’s new and you are the first owner. No way I’d buy something like that used for anything more. I’m kind of a “buy once, cry once” kind of guy and worry less about budget than the average Joe. It really all depends on your situation and value of your time.