Newbie - right place/purchase to start?

A person near me has a 4x4 avid for sale, nema motors, 67bygh100-4204a.
He says all i need is laptop and a router to get going. I’m new to CNC, but interested in designing guitar bodies and have recently been building a couple by hand. I’m writing to ask if this system can be useful for that in your opinion. I think the price is right to get started. He’s only asking $1,500. That is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. All the accessories (router, bits, upgrades) to get up to speed will be the real expense.
Being a newb to all this CNC stuff, I’d reall appreciate your advice.

$1500 for a 4x4 machine sounds like a good deal. If it’s one of our “Pro” machines, even if older that’s a fantastic price.

I would highly recommend getting a spindle. Routers are noisy, they don’t hold speed well, and have a limited service life.

You can get spindles from us, or go aftermarket. If you have some more detailed specs of the machine or pictures of it we could probably help you identify it further.

Thats the perfect sized machine for making guitars IMO. There was even someone on here that made some machine heads with his AVID, really cool stuff.

Very cool. I’m waiting to hear back with any model #s or how old it is.

Here’s a pic:

The table is open, it’s on legs. The controller and step motors are avid CNC Plug and Play NEMA 23 CNC Control System (CRP800-00E-5)
The gentleman tells me he built the table and ordered the controller and step motors around June or July 2022.

Irrespective of any other aspect of that machine, what is the Z travel and gantry clearance height? (FYI: other than the control box sticker, little resemblance to an AVID machine- doesn’t mean it can’t serve your needs… but the gantry looks emaciated; I’d ask for a demonstration, and examples of work).

That is not our machine frame, that looks to be a home built one.

That is however our controller. It’s a Nema 23 system from the looks of it: Plug and Play NEMA 23 CNC Control System - CRP800-00E-5 | Avid CNC

Here’s the advice I always give to folks who are looking at machines like this:

What do you want to do more? Make guitars or learn to hack/tinker/upgrade a CNC?

If the former I’d seriously consider something that’s not home built. This frame looks like it could have some rigidity issues and may not perform well cutting hardwoods for guitars.

If you do want to hack/tinker/upgrade and possibly make a guitar this might be worth considering for the right price. I’d look at this like a controller with a free (or really inexpensive) machine frame. You could get this learn how it works, maybe even modify it. Down the road you might be able to find a scrapped router that needs a control and move this control to that machine for a nice upgrade.

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Thanks, All.

Yes, After a bit more inquiry, the seller did divulge that the only Avid part is the control unit, purchased for about the same price as his asking price. Man, I was excited to get a “deal”. I’m glad I asked you folks, first! I’ll keep looking. I think a 4x4 or even a 2x4 is just would be the perfect size work surface for what I’m wanting to do.

They do pop up for sale from time to time used. Keep your eye out!