4x8 pro cnc, newbie’s

Finally got this assembled. Assembly was about 3 8 hr days and figuring out software another 5 hr.


That’s awesome! Looking sharp. It is such a relief to see the machine move after all the hours of setting it up.

You look like you’re in need of a dust shoe. I may be a little biased, but I developed what I feel like is a pretty awesome dust manifold for mine. I liked it so much I decided to list it for sale on Etsy. It has some fantastic features like a magnetic hose adapter that you can quickly detach to clean up the dust on your machine bed.

Dust Manifold Avid CNC 4HP 75mm - Etsy

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Nice and clean. What are you planning to do with it?

i plan on 95% on cutting HPDE plastic 1/2" sheets. i’m sure i’ll have a few wood projects here and there.

i have never worked with vcarve, so i’m learning slowly.

Congradulations looks great

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Looks great. The assembly process is a valuable experience. It will help you troubleshoot the machine in the future.

I’m interested in that dust shoe, do you have it for the 3 hp spindle?


Milling out the dust shoe is messy business.

I see your store in Etsy shows out of stock. Do you know when you may have one available?