80 mm dust shoe

Looking at the 4HP spindle it looks to be 75MM. On the dust shoe plans for Aspire it is 80MM. This looks like it is going to be really loose. Whats up?

There are slots in the design that allows the hole for the spindle in question to flex. By using a pipe clamp or other adjustable band those tabs will pinch the spindle when tightened to hold it in place.

Hope this helps.

The original (3hp) spindle was 80mm. You can shim it with rubber, or re-design it for a good fit for the new spindle.


You have a cnc machine… make a shim out of wood :slight_smile:

Yea, the file needs to be modified. 5mm is too much play for the adjustment. Just modify the file. Boom!

Thanks everyone. I found this out after i ran the file and cut the plastic. It did not fit. So i made a spacer to fit. Just wanted to bring this up so a change can be made so the next newbie like me doesn’t need to deal with that surprise.

@MikeS this the one?


Yes that one will work only for the the 3HP not the 4HP. For the 4HP you must resize the spindle down to around 76.5MM

@MikeS I know you already made one of these but in the future you can download it in Fusion for free and adjust the size:

Or if you want to do it in VCarve you can actually do that too. A lesser known feature of VCarve is that you can use “shift +select” on existing shapes to resize them:

If you’re dealing in MM you can actually switch VCarve/Aspire back and forth from inches to MM too if that makes things easier.

shift +select the circle and select circle from the menu bar. Eric can this be noted in the Dust Shoe file about the 4HP spindle.