CNC Dust Shoe v2 - ATC compatible, modular, parametric

Hi fellow Avid CNC Users,

I completed version 2 of my CNC dust shoe. I fixed some of the issues on my first version that I shared earlier this year – a big thanks to everyone who provided feedback on it! Here’s the video about my design goals, features, print tips, assembly, and how much the materials cost:

Main goals:

  • ATC compatible (ie: a slim design) to fit between tool stations. I can get 10 stations on a 4’ table with this dust shoe, and not have to dock it.
  • Removable dust shield – now a split design, with tabs to avoid having it get pushed off
  • Removable dust hose port - so you can pull it off and use it as a vacuum
  • Small size, so it can be printed on a typical home 3d printer
  • Modular and parametric design: The Fusion 360 file allows for easy modifications of any of the sizes, such as the dust port, spindle size, and offset (to name a few).

The files are all free for you to download:

Here are some photos:


Great video Corbin! Thanks for making the effort! If I change my dust shoe I’ll certainly use your design.

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@corbin , nice job! I’m just seeing this now as I’m a new user. How is the design holding up? Anything you’d want to improve upon? v3 in the works? I’m planning on playing with the model this weekend and print a copy.

So far, so good! I recently cracked the clamp by over-tightening it, but that was really just my fault.

I shaved off the back tab because it was hitting my back spindle mount, and it wasn’t really needed.

The biggest issue is finding a good brush that isn’t too expensive. Some cheaper ones that I got are loosing bristles. They are easy to replace, as I can pull them out and hot-glue in a replacement.

I printed two split bottoms; one with a short brush for shorter bits, and one with a long brush.

I do get some push-out of chips on the backside when using 2" bit and 1/4" DOC. I was wondering if I could do the hose part at a 45 degree angle to get more suction, and/or make the back side not be too large (assuming it would still work with an ATC).

The biggest request I’ve had from people is to make the backside smaller to fit smaller machines (ie: around 1").

You only need half the magnets if you get the same ones I used; they are plenty strong. If you have weaker ones, then you may need all of them…but start with half of them.

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What an incredible asset you are to the community! I didn’t see you mention anywhere in your documentation, but were you able to print without supports on your Prusa?

Yup, no supports! It is a little rough on the bottom of the hose attachment, but it is less than 45 degrees.

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I was looking for a 4.2 size to test on my router but the design might be to compact for that :thinking: another great video corbin :+1:

Cool! Definitely double-check the backside clearance from the spindle to your gantry; that is the biggest issue with this design. Let me know if it works!

@corbin finished printing and assembling. What a great design.

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