CNC Dust Shoe v2 - ATC compatible, modular, parametric

Hi fellow Avid CNC Users,

I completed version 2 of my CNC dust shoe. I fixed some of the issues on my first version that I shared earlier this year – a big thanks to everyone who provided feedback on it! Here’s the video about my design goals, features, print tips, assembly, and how much the materials cost:

Main goals:

  • ATC compatible (ie: a slim design) to fit between tool stations. I can get 10 stations on a 4’ table with this dust shoe, and not have to dock it.
  • Removable dust shield – now a split design, with tabs to avoid having it get pushed off
  • Removable dust hose port - so you can pull it off and use it as a vacuum
  • Small size, so it can be printed on a typical home 3d printer
  • Modular and parametric design: The Fusion 360 file allows for easy modifications of any of the sizes, such as the dust port, spindle size, and offset (to name a few).

The files are all free for you to download:

Here are some photos:


Great video Corbin! Thanks for making the effort! If I change my dust shoe I’ll certainly use your design.