Free 3D Printable dust shoe design - Parametric Fusion 360 file

(Cross posted to Facebook - if you are on the group over there you may have seen this already!)

I made a free 3D printable dust shoe (dust manifold). It is a slim design for ATC spindles, but would be fine for general use. I designed it parametrically in Fusion 360, so you can customize parameters for your specific machine and spindle setup. The bottom dust shield attaches with magnets. The top dust port attaches with friction. Super easy to print; no supports needed, and PLA is probably fine (unless you can’t touch your spindle). Download via my site -

(it’s free but you go through the checkout process). I’m working on another design that might be better for ATC docking. I’m not super happy with my first brush; it is getting into my ATC tool change.

Here’s some design photos, along with mine in use.


Oh yeah, I also have STL exports at typical spindle sizes in the download.

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thanks for the files Corbin!

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Downloaded the dust shoe files this AM, THANKS.

Awesome! If you or @Bstanga print it, let me know how it works out (and which spindle), or what you think would make it better. I’m working on another design, and I want to incorporate more ideas.

No plans to print immediately, but sure will let you know if/when I do.

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Great design! Thank you for sharing!!

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