Looking for the maker of this dust boot

I got my machine used with this dust collector setup, and I’d like to get a backup boot. It is 3D printed. Does anyone recognize it and know where I could order it from?

That looks extremely similar to this one:

I think there are lots of places you can get the plastic parts printed from, but you may have to glue to the magnets and bristle strip yourself.

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That is closer, but I think that one uses smaller tubes. I’ll check the measurements. The magnet configuration is a little different also, mine has 4 below the motor.

Try looking at ‘KentCNC. He makes a good dust boot that is mag mounted. I’ve used them for years and are very happy


If your interested in a “KentCNC” boot, pm me. I have a used one that I will sell for very reasonable price. It is made for 100mm (router) but I made an adapter for my spindle (80mm). I used it for a couple of years until I went with a different design recently.

George M


No I have been using one for years. I was recommending it.

I have this one. it works great. The design is not exactly the same as your photo, but it’s close. might be the same guy.

That boot is available on sing a verse for download just search for avid CNC dust boot