Dust Hood for a new 4HP setup

I’m getting a new CNC and I want to have a dust hood ready. It’s a 4HP setup. Can anyone recommend a pre made dust hood?

Lots of people, including myself has this guys dust boot and it works great.


I’ll second that recommendation! Keith’s dust boot works fantastic!

I got this from Rick and it has been amazing so far. Super easy to install and well built.

as others have said, oneguyinashop for 4hp avid as I have is excellent

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I sell and support:
Dust Manifold Avid CNC 4HP 75mm - Etsy

I think what makes mine unique is the ability to take the hose adapter off quickly to clean up the machine table.


I got the Kent hood recommended by Avid when I got mine a couple years ago and it’s been great. I love being able to see the bit through the clear hood. The only grip is that the long end overhangs the work piece when cutting near the front edge, but it’s a minor nuisance. But Seth’s setup looks rad!


I purchased Seth’s unit. Love it so far. Very well thought out design! Works wonderfully.

I have the one from OneGuyInAShop also, mine is sized for 6" hose and it works great.


I ended up getting this one from Portland CNC, after seeing a video on their design (for their ShopSabre).

A bit pricier than others, but wanted one that was front mounted (vs. side) and with a 5" hose port. Ignore the 4" adapter, waiting on my 5" hose to arrive :slight_smile:

It’s worked really well so far… I need to design a bracket to help keep the hose out of the way since I have my dust collector on the back side of the machine.