Muttley000 Introduction

Thanks for the invite. I am without a machine at this time. Hoping to add one this year. I’m located in Northwest Ohio. I am a 54 year old 40 year woodworker who is most interested in building furniture. Hoping to learn and be inspired by all here.

Hi Matt, welcome! There are a few people here who share your furniture interest. What sort of furniture are you interested in?

Hi Stephen. I like to make hardwood pieces. If I got to pick it would be craftsman or arts and crafts style. I do about a half dozen side projects a year so that exposes me to several different things. I am actually in the hospital recovering from surgery at the moment. Hearing the doctor say the “C” word is definitely a life changing event even when the prognosis is very good which mine is. I want to take my shop and small business to the next level after I recover. This is where the CNC comes in for me. I would like to add some quality hard wood pieces that could be flat packed and shipped to my repertoire. I also am interested in adding some curves into my work and could see the CNC very useful in making jigs for vent laminations. I have a ton to learn and am very excited about that facet of the CNC journey also.