Anyone drilling alum? toolpath to go around clamps

Good day.
I have a setup to cut mortise into an aluminium profile.
Now I am looking into drilling holes into the profile for hinges.

Anyone drilling into alum (2.5mm)? what kind of bit do you use?
Also how to make your toolpath to go around clamps? I just got the same clamps as this video… DIY CNC router drilling aluminum - YouTube

Thank you!

I don’t, but I bet @Bill does

I don’t drill in the traditional sense of a drill cycle in Fusion360. When I want to make holes, I use the bore CAM path, which is known as interpolating. This is not as accurate as drilling or reaming, but once you get it dialed in, it works fine, especially if you just need clearance and not something like slip fit, etc…

What CAM software are you using?

I am using Vcarve pro.

They have a drilling function it looks like. I would use the peck drilling feature to clear chips, give it some lube/coolant. As far as sppeds and feeds I can’t really help you other than to suggest downloading g-wizard, it has been a life saver.

Where would I buy these drilling bits that will work with the spindle? 2.5mm and 4mm?


So this is where it gets a bit above my knowledge level. You have a million options. :laughing: It really all boils down to how accurate you need the hole to be, what coolant options you have and probably 6 other variables I am not thinking of right now. I have had really good luck with Datron tooling, it is a bit more expensive but lasts a long time and they are engineered for higher RPM spindles. You can see the drill options here - Drill - DATRON CNC Milling Tools

Good luck and please let me know how it goes, been thinking of switching to drilling for a while but have not jumped in yet.

PS. ZRN coating would work better but in this case, stick with the uncoated carbide. The price will make up for the lack of coating.

MSC Direct for the 2.5mm

Yes I would think those would work.

Also wanted to pint you to this video from Winston Moy that has a lot of great info on drilling on a gantry mill.