Aluminum facing bit alternatives?

Good day.

I am looking for a bit for facing aluminum.
The only one I found with inserts is this one RC-3400 CNC Solid Carbide 4-Flute Insert Face Milling for Non-Ferrous Metals 2-31/64 Dia x 15mm x 1/2 Inch Shank End Mill / Router Bit (

Any other tried and true alternatives?

Thank you!

What’s your spindle RPM envelope and how much material do you need to remove? What kinda hurry are you in?

I’ve got the 3hp so 8000-24000.

Not really in a hurry I usually do small items. 4x4" max.

Thank you!

I was told by RIP precision tools that you could face aluminum with the Slab Slayer as well.

I have used that Amana Tool RC-3400 with pretty good results. My dialed in settings were:

8000 RPM
60-80 IPM
1/64" DOC
2" WOC

The only trouble I had was with the imperfect tramming of the Avid (have a 2x3 Benchtop Pro), nothing to do with the cutter. Surface quality of the cut was great, but you could catch the edge of the passes with a fingernail. Good enough for the project at the time, but wish it was better and doubt that I can reliably get a better tram across the whole X axis range.

So, I also got a Datron 0068444, haven’t tried it yet - the hope is a smaller diameter cutter would be less sensitive to the imperfect tram.

can you tram the benchtop? Dial that sucker in, it will be time well spent

I am a Havey guy but I hear the YG-1 O-Flutes Rock some serious surface quality on the cheap. I can’t find them in Amazon but they have the 3 flutes which are good too.