Help with 1/16" Upcut Bit

Hello everyone, looking for some input concerning feeds and speeds for cutting 3mm aluminum, so far I purchased Spetool, SpeTool CNC SC Spiral O Flute Plastic Cutting 1/16" Diam UpCut Router Bit. I am using Aspire 9, pass depth is 0.0156",step over is 0.0063",spindle speed is 8500 rpm, feed rate is 10 inches per minute and a plunge rate of 10 inches per minute. I have used this bit from Amana,, without any issues, is it that I should get a better quality bit.

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Take a look at Winston Moy, he has many videos about cutting aluminum with a cnc router which I did find useful
The overall things I did learn and test about cutting aluminum is that it depends on the rigidity and the power of your spindle, and you’ve got two ways to machine it’s either you cut at high speeds with shallow cuts or deep cuts with small speeds.
I did tests with both 500w and a 3kw spindle and oh boy I can tell you the difference it makes.
I usually cut at 12000-15000 rpm with 500-1500mm/min and deep of cuts going to 10mm with adaptive clearing strategies. it is a process of trial and error and greatly depending on your machine. my strategy is always starting slowly and increasing the speeds and depth of cuts until I start hearing chatter then decrease a little bit.
another thing if you encouter alluminum gumming on your bit try decreasing your depth of cut and increase your speeds and feeds.
about spraying lubrifiants like wd40 or cutting oil I personally didn’t notice great changes.
hope you find some of this useful and good day.

I have this spindle here :
Will try the shallow cuts and faster feed and see how it goes, thanks.