Clearpath servo Centroid Acorn router control ready to run

Turnkey Acorn CNC control

Wired and ready to mount on your Avis CNC Router or other Router Frame

The Control will be prewired and configured for you New or Retrofit machine.

This is a 4 Axis System ready to be attached to your CNC Router mill or lathe comes complete with all wiring, Servos and control cabinet. Add you your CNC from and you could be cutting in a few hours. Optional inverter drive can be wired. and set up for your spindle motor.


  1. State of the Are Acorn by Centroid CNC Control.
  2. High Quality Servo motors and drives (3)
  3. Pre-wired CNC control panel set up for 3 Axis Router or 750W . (other sizes available and additional
    axis setup available)
  4. Nema Control Cabinet
  5. Windows 10 Computer with software pre-loaded and set up.
  6. Servos are pre-wired and ready to mount to your machine.
  7. Spindle contactor provided, and inverter drive can be added to the system.
  8. I have Router and mill spindles available.
  9. This system uses Servos not steppers.
  10. Controls available to be shown under power on Routers and Mills subject to stock on hand
  11. ATC is an Option and can be added to this existing Control
    The Centroid Acorn is the best of the best in the latest DYI controls. The software and features that Centroid offers are second to none. Cutter comp, Back lash and a user group that is robust and ready to help.

The hard part is done for you with this turnkey system. It is a professional wired panel; the system will ship fully assembled all you will have to do is mount the motors to your machine set the soft limits and with the hard limits if used. (instructions and breakout terminals provided.)

All Mill systems are pre-wired for 4 Axis so a rotary can be added. If used on a Gantry an additional motor and drive will be needed. If used on a lathe a motor and drive will be removed. But the wiring harness will be set up for 4 Axis and the Centroid Control can be configured for Lathe, Mill, Router or Plasma.

This listing is for a Turnkey 3 Axis Avis Type Router. Please message for other configurations. With my system you can have your new or retrofitted Router running and making parts in hours. Remote set up and support available. Spend time making parts and not trying to wire controls.

The pictures above show Panel being bench tested additional pictures will be added soon. You Tube video being prepared and your system will be bench tested and a video recorded prior to shipping. Controls are in stock subject to previous orders Delivery Is 48 Hours and 30 days for non-stock control built to order.

Centroid supports standard G&M code has a robust support network and can configured to run most mills, lathes, routers and soon Plasma and Flame cutters.

Sorry, this was in the correct place!

Hi saw your post. My Shop is located in Oak harbor, WA just north of Seattle. Your more than welcome to come by my shop and see the control in person I am their Mon to Friday till 4 every day.

do you sell the Centroid systems? Do you work for Centroid?

No I use them in my shop. I am retired and I have a shop on my property, and I buy machines and fix them up like some people buy old cars and fix them up. I was in the Machine Tool building industry for a long time. I have a couple of products used for wood finishing I designed make and sell. The controls and parts are stuff I seem to accumulate so I buy them sell them as they come along. I like the AVID machine I have rebuilt a couple of them that had problems mostly related to Mach3 the Acorn works well with these machines. But I have tried pretty much all of them at one time or another. I do programing for people too. I just try to stay busy.


Ok, so this is just your opinion and you are not buying or selling anything.

? I have a Clear path control listed for sale it is surplus to my needs and would be a good fit for someone wanting to build a router with a Acorn Control. So I have listed it for sale in Buy Sell Thanks for taking a look at the Control for sale

That is what I was asking. Thank you for clarifying. You have a system you are selling. It looked like you cut and pasted the Centroid stuff and I was confused. I was like, are you a dealer, you just happy with your system? But you have some spare parts you would like to sell :white_check_mark:

Just for some clarification here:

@CNCKitMill We’re happy to have you listing controls and other modifications of machines here.


Hello, I am looking to buy a few complete cnc controllers. One for a milling machine. One for a router. And another for a lathe. I just need the controllers wired as I already have clearpath motors for each machine. Could you give me a price and estimated completion date?

Thank you,


You’re going to want to contact @CNCKitMill. His name is Chuck.

Hello Chuck,

I have the motor and the power supplies; however the supplies I have are the towers and not the enclosure friendly ones. I’ll call you tomorrow and we can get all the details worked out. I’m booked today with meetings.