Creating Exceptional Value through Operational Improvements W/ VIDEO

You could use many adjectives to describe the past three years in small manufacturing. “Interesting”, “stressful”, and “crazy” are a few that come to mind.

As a small manufacturer, we viscerally experienced the strains of unprecedented demand and incredibly difficult supply chain logistics that were shared by many of our customers in the same space. To adapt to this sudden new business environment and continue to successfully deliver CNC machine solutions, we had to learn, invest, and innovate.

A lot of hard work by everyone here at Avid CNC resulted in operational improvements that have significantly increased our throughput and quality while also reducing the cost to make our products.

One of our most exciting investments is a six-pallet horizontal machining center with a tool carousel capable of holding 180 tools, a 35HP spindle, and the ability to change pallets automatically. We’re now making parts faster with longer run times and less time spent on set up, all while increasing the quality and accuracy of the parts for your CNC machine!

We streamlined kitting operations for our machine framework by increasing the amount of stock we keep on hand and adding new in-house aluminum cutting capabilities. We can now deliver machines more quickly and efficiently with greater oversight on product quality.

To address other supply chain and quality issues, we brought more fabrication tasks in-house, significantly reducing material handling and vendor coordination costs, and implemented a number of new inventory management processes to improve quality and efficiency across our operations.

So why are we sharing this? One of our core values is Exceptional Value, and we use these opportunities to increase that value and pass savings and quality gains that we achieve on to you. All of our CNC machines have recently been reduced in price and our most popular 4’x8’ PRO CNC Router is now over $1200 lower than this time last year.

We’re excited to see what you all make, whether it’s in your garage for fun or on the factory floor.

Happy Fabricating!

-Avid CNC