E-Stop / Z-Plate Holders

Hey everyone, with the long holiday weekend I’ve finally had time to knock out some “to do” projects for my shop - one of which being e-stop and z-plate holders. I modeled in Shapr3d (great prototyping tool BTW!) tested in 1/2 sande ply and did my final build with 1/2 Starboard (HDPE) from TapPlastics. I’ve attached a dimensional drawing for anyone that would like to build or modify these for their own use.

E-Stop Z-Plate Holders.dwg.zip (36.1 KB)

E-Stop Z-Plate Holders.pdf (57.6 KB)


Nice project!

How are you getting from Shapr3D to toolpaths?

Thanks for the feedback & great question. I’ve been exporting a .dwg drawing from Shapr3d and then importing the vectors into VCarve pro to create the gcode.

I figured that might be the case. It’s a good workflow. I do really like Shapr, so easy to draw stuff and get excellent vectors out of it.